Submit a story Checklist

Submit a story Checklist

Log in to HackerNoon via (detailed instruction here)
Click on Start Writing to the left your thumbnail (or go directly there)
Use our Search Bar to check if your topic has already been covered. If it has, choose a different topic or a unique angle.
Write or upload a great tech story
Click Story Settings on the upper right hand corner
Enter 8 tags (guideline)
Upload a feature image (guideline)
Enter Your meta tag so search engines can easily find you (guideline)
Confirm that you have the rights to submit the content and all vested interests of companies mentioned in the story have been disclosed
Select Submit Story for Review
You will then receive an email to confirm that we have received your submission.
Staff Editor should review within 3 business days..ish. See full guideline here.
If accepted, we’ll distribute, distribute, distribute your tech story. See how we distribute things here.


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