Install Web Monetization Meta Tag
Install Web Monetization Meta Tag

Install Web Monetization Meta Tag


So you want to earn a little spending crypto in exchange for your thoughtful HackerNoon content. You could try selling shady links on the black market...but you know that's not right. And getting a sponsorship deal isn't easy without risking life and limb...

Good news!

Now you can accept a stream of micro-tips from your loyal readers. No need to sellout while you work toward your dream influencer status and land a huge Red Bull or Red Hat deal.

Todo list to monetize your content on HackerNoon:

Set up a Digital Wallet and Get a payment pointer (we recommend Uphold)
Sign in to HackerNoon, and navigate to the Rewards Page
Add your payment pointer to the payment pointer field
Hit Save
Protip: Adding a web monetization meta tag also works on your personal blog. Check out Richard's guide to learn more.


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