Join Paid Video Call and become a Hacker Noon expert

Top Hacker Noon writers can list themselves for paid video calls via Hacker Noonโ€™s new Meet Tech Experts Program (beta).


This program is a revenue share with 75% of the earnings going to the writer, 20% going to Hacker Noon, and 5% for Superpeer transaction fee. Writers set their own rate and availability for all video calls. We've seen people set anywhere between $0 (free) to $6,180โ€ผ๏ธ per call. See some of example profiles here, here and here.


If interested in receiving leads for paid video calls, please fill out this Google Form.

You will need a Google account to fill out the form as we need to get access to your profile picture. Weโ€™ll review the information and then if sufficient send over an invite to the Hacker Noon network via Superpeer within a week.

Happy getting paid for your time!


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