Do you pay your writers?

Do you pay your writers?


Hacker Noon does not pay individual writers directly. We are a publishing platform to facilitate the exchange of value between writer to reader, and writer to editor. Most Hacker Noon contributing writers are here for story distribution, editorial support, and internet validation. People who write on Hacker Noon generally also write on many other places around the web like Dzone, Forbes, LinkedIn Publisher, and of course, their own sites.

However, there are multiple ways a contributing writer can earn money from publishing stories on Hacker Noon.

Monetize Hacker Noon stories via Coil

First, via our partnership with Coil, any writer can add a Web Monetization meta tag to their stories on Hacker Noon. Once enabled, Coil automatically streams micropayments to the writer’s wallet based on the amount of time Coil Members spend reading.

Follow these steps by steps to monetize your Hacker Noon stories:

Set up a Digital Wallet and Get a payment pointer (we recommend Uphold)
Sign in to Hacker Noon, and navigate to the Rewards Page
Add your payment pointer to the payment pointer field
Hit Save

Protip: Adding a web monetization meta tag also works on your personal blog. Check out Richard's guide to learn more.

Get Paid via Video Calls with Hacker Noon Experts Program

Furthermore, top Hacker Noon writers can also list themselves for paid video calls via Hacker Noon’s new Meet Tech Experts Program (beta).

If interested in receiving leads for paid video calls, please fill out this Google Form. We’ll review the information and then if sufficient send over an invite to the Hacker Noon network via Superpeer within a week. This program is a revenue share with 75% of the earnings going to the writer, 20% going to Hacker Noon, and 5% for Superpeer transaction fee. Writers set their own rate and availability for all video calls. We've seen people set anywhere between $0 (free) and $6,180‼️ per call. See some of example profiles here, here and here.


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