Writing Contests

Writing Contests

You’re interested in participating in the Hacker Noon writing contest, but how exactly does it benefit you? Here’s a quick rundown.



The HackerNoon writing contest is a great way to get your name and work out to people all around the world. You own all rights to your stories. We primarily help promote your nuggets of genius to your desired niche audience, based on the tags you include.

The top stories of our contest generate hundreds of millions of views organically, meaning the best of the best go viral due to their quality content. Putting your best efforts out there and getting recognized? It’s a great feeling.

Money $$$


Okay, yes, being validated and heard by a lot of people is super cool, but let’s get down to business. When you publish with #contest-tags on your Hacker Noon stories, you are entered to win monthly prizes from our wonderful sponsors. You read that right! Our contests have awarded our writers handsomely based on the quality of the works.

And even if you don’t win, there are always other ways to earn some extra cash. Still, do your best!

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