Why did Hacker Noon transition off Medium?

A Big Thank You to “Your Friends @ Medium” for the good times, but it’s time for us to move on. We wish them the best of luck in growing their paywalled publication - it’s an interesting experiment. As a parting gift, our past library will be duplicated - moving stories from hackernoon.com to medium.com/hackernoon - so that past Hacker Noon stories, stats and associations can remain available for the Medium community.
Why are you removing Medium's software from HackerNoon.com?
Why is Hacker Noon a better alternative to Medium?
What will happen to my old Hacker Noon stories ?
What will happen to my Hacker Noon story URLs?
How can I claim my 1.0 stories in 2.0?
Will I have to register/create an account on the new platform?
Is there a way to merge my new Hacker Noon account with my old Hacker Noon account on Medium?
Why don’t my old stories show up?


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