Republishing Guide

Republishing Guide

Besides our special Writer ad feature, our editorial resource to help you better retitle your republished content & maximize the value of tags, we also offer you an extremely easy way to include your canonical link for republished stories.

This feature is not always easily accessible on publishing sites our size. In most cases, the feature is hidden or you would have to go through a lot of hoops to get to it.

In HackerNoon, you can easily find this feature whenever you submit a new draft. Simply go to “story setting”, you will see a column called “First seen at”. You can then enter your canonical in the “first seen at” box like so:


Hit save. And voila! Editors will then review to ensure that the link is the source and not promotional. And then, search engines recognize your original blog post as the source of the story!

Note: HackerNoon only supports canonical links to personal sites with SSL certificates and for companies in our brand as author program.

  1. This does not apply to generic link backs to a homepage, only to the source of the post. Editors have the rights to override this when they see fit.
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