HackerNoon Glossary

HackerNoon Glossary


HackerNoon's current version! Built from scratch via Firebase, SlateJS, Algolia, and many other software (learn more about our tech stack here), HackerNoon 2.0 is a living, breathing work-in-progress that allows writers to submit and edit drafts, editors to manage submissions, readers to enjoy content without paywall, and advertisers to reach users in elegant, non-intrusive ways. Stories from 1.0 are also hosted here.

A form of sponsorship on HackerNoon that allows brands to surface their ad on the chosen tag(s) and at the bottom of stories with those tag(s). Learn more.

Ask me anything! HackerNoon AMAs are in the site’s community. Ask Me Anything (AMA)s are one of the few social media ways of communicating with amazing people that doesn’t suck.

In partnership with Gun, HackerNoon prototyped an interface to allow readers to highlight text on any story page to write a short explanation. We've since paused the partnership due to some technical difficulties using the Gun database.

Archives are about finding the stories from a particular date. You can find it simply by filling in the dates in the sample link, such as https://hackernoon.com/archives/2021/month/date

Billboard is where you are advertised. This is especially for brands. Here's all you need to know about HackerNoon's Billboard.

Do you love reading as much as you enjoy writing but got no time on hand? Don't worry, we got you covered! You can find a small save option on the top of our stories. Just bookmark them and read them later. Also, this comes without any limitations. So, make sure to save all the stories for a rainy day. Go to your profile and you will find your bookmarked stories.

With a BAA account, you have your Brand's profile on HackerNoon with logo, CTA, socials, tagline, and brand stories. Learn more here.

Canonical refers to republishing your articles after being published on one platform already. If you have published your article in HackerNoon and now also want to publish it elsewhere or vice versa here's what you should know about it.

CMS stands for Content Management System. CMS is considered to be the backbone for any infrastructure be it technical or non-technical. Hence, a strong CMS makes you stand out and a bad one makes you backlash. Find the CMS you would like to work with, here.

We monetize your writings with partnership with Coil. Learn how to monetize your content on HackerNoon here. To know what we do and how coil helps us, refer https://hackernoon.com/hacker-noon-raises-dollar1m-from-coil-will-stream-micropayments-from-readers-to-writers-via-the-browser-csn3w1h

Our community is not just confined to our staff and our writers. We expand it to our readers as well. As we say, HackerNoon is for one and all. Join us and be a part of our community. This is where it all begins https://community.hackernoon.com/

Being a contributing writer means that you are contributing to the articles published in HackerNoon. You may be directly/indirectly connected to HackerNoon or maybe completely unrelated.

A right appreciation brings joy to your life too and investments are a simpler form of appreciation we believe. Crowdfunding is what makes a platform stronger as a whole. Check out how we do it.

The Hacker Noon profile is your primary real estate. It has your personal bio, displays your social accounts of choice, as well as links to all your HackerNoon stories. Set up your CTAs here.

HackerNoon’s commenting system is powered by Discourse, the free open source discussion software.

The HackerNoon Leaderboard is a fun way for readers to find some of the most popular recent stories on Hacker Noon ranked by the number emoji reactions given. To know more refer: https://help.hackernoon.com/leaderboard

Our daily Newsletter sent at noon. It lets you read the fresh, hot, and spicy tech content for free. For more information, check out: https://hackernoon.com/noonification-your-daily-dose-of-electrifying-tech-content-at-noon-by-hacker-noon

The Noonies are the technology industry's greenest awards built with HackerNoon's custom voting software. The Hacker Noon team conceptualized The Noonies in early 2019 to celebrate the underappreciated corners of the internet. To know all about Noonies refer https://hackernoon.com/wtf-are-the-noonies-kjh3yv9

HackerNoon publication on Medium, where we used to accept and publish incoming stories. Ever since moving on to our own platform, we have been exclusively accepting story submissions via our custom Content Management System that we built from scratch, which gives us full control over our editorial process and improve rate of publishing many folds.

The entire HackerNoon Library has been curated intoΒ 22 Technology Categories. For more information, check out: https://hackernoon.com/tech-categories-the-tech-topics-pit-stop

Add the payment pointer once you are on your rewards page. It falls under your process of getting monetized for your stories. Refer https://help.hackernoon.com/do-you-pay-your-writers . Easier reference: https://help.hackernoon.com/_next/image?url=https%3A%2F%2Fapi.super.so%2Fasset%2Fhackernoon-help.vercel.app%2Fbb5b8066-7218-4c5f-9ac2-c4724fceaf14.png&w=3840&q=100

Article made up of a list of quotes by nerds, aka the smartest people in the room. Also, find all your cool slogging articles bookmarked here.

By publishing with #contest-tags on HackerNoon stories, you enter to win monthly prizes from sponsors. Participate in our ongoing contests here.

The HackerNoon writing contest is a great way to get your name and work out to people all around the world. You own all rights to your stories. We primarily help promote your nuggets of genius to your desired niche audience, based on the tags you include.

If you are one of them, then we are extremely grateful to you for your love and support and if you are not one of em yet, what are you waiting for. Know all about HackerNoon's shareholders.

Shareholder letters Linh and David Smooke send to Hacker Noon 1.3k+ shareholders every quarter. See redacted versions of the Noonions here.

Wanna know what is slogging? It is slack blogging in simpler terms. For more information, check out: https://www.slogging.com/

You can get all you need to know about the benefits of sponsoring HackerNoon here: https://sponsor.hackernoon.com/ . The best part, if you still don't understand anything, feel free to fix a meeting with us. That link can be found on the following page too. Also, wondering why to sponsor? Check this out: https://sponsor.hackernoon.com/blog/why-sponsor-hacker-noon

You can share your stories and whatever information you would like to share. You can follow the steps and update the stories aka your articles. If approved after revision, they are published on HackerNoon.

Submitting stories is easy! Simply go to β€˜Story Settings’ on your draft, scroll all the way down, and select β€œSubmit Story for Review”. From then on, your story gets added to the queue of stories under review by our team of Human Editors. One of us will do our utmost best to review your story quickly, our current median time is 3 - 5 business days.

The subscription is free!!!! Yes, you heard it right. Unlike any other tech story page, we have kept our subscriptions out of charge as we believe that knowledge is for one and all without any monetizing barrier. Once you subscribe, you get all the interesting stories as soon as they are published. Subscribe to your favorite topics here.

Tags are the most important thing for promoting your content. So whenever you write your stories, add relevant tags i.e. add all the topics that your story is related to. So, next time whenever anyone searches for that topic, your story will come up. Better tags, better promotion!! There are over 35,000 tags listed on HackerNoon stories. Browse the most popular tags or search for a particular one here.

Hey, are you fed up with all the boring notifs filling up your subscription mails. Don't worry, it is all customizable now. Yes, you can choose what you read. Customize the notifications with us and we will fill your brief with only your topics of interest. For more, check out : https://help.hackernoon.com/customize-your-tech-brief

This will contain all the informative and fun tech-related stories. If you are a techie, this tab is the adventure you were waiting for. Click here to add your tech stories tab's extension.

Search for any keyword associated to your topic of interest and you will be directed to the page where on the top you will see all the top stories. These are the most weighted stories with maximum likes and love by the readers as well as the editors.

To be a top writer, please be consist on our portal. Also make a good research and publish articles on trending topic. This way you will get more reads on your stories while you will be acquiring the top pages always. It might take you some time but hey! we believe you will get there eventually <3. Meet the Writer is an interview series featuring Hacker Noon's most insightful contributors. Learn writing tips from these tech writers, crypto enthusiasts, startup founders here.

Who doesn't like to get paid for the work they contribute to but what if we tell you that you can get published and paid at the same time!!!! For more information about this refer to this.

Advertise yourself efficiently and increase your reach more! To know more about what it is and how it is done refer: https://hackernoon.com/how-do-i-optimize-my-hacker-noon-profile-hackernooncta-6g8hx3z1e