Why was my story rejected?

Why was my story rejected?


The HackerNoon audience prides itself on its tech-savviness. They love Hacker Noon because each of our articles adds to their knowledge. The HackerNoon Editorial Team, on its part, weeds out stories from the publication pipeline that fall into one or more of the following categories

Paid promotion
Not disclosing vested interest
Not the whole story
Poor grammar or structure. Basically, low quality.
Plagiarized Content
Not at all tech-related
Backlinks Misuse
Low-Quality Blockchain-related Bounty Articles
“How to hire a developer in another country / for your business” articles, and Top X Software Development/Mobile App Development Companies in X Country” articles
Unattributed Previously Published Content
Questionable Headlines
No images at all
No conclusion or weak conclusion
Clearly a brand as author story and not story by an individual


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