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Using HackerNoon


Welcome to HackerNoon 👋 ! HackerNoon is built for technologists to read, write, and publish. HackerNoon is free for readers forever, thanks to our sponsors & partners.

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You don't have to create an account to read any story on HackerNoon, but you should!

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As a HackerNoon reader, you can read stories from 13k+ contributing writers, interact with them by leaving a story-level or inline emoji, subscribe to your favorite tags, or bookmark your favorite stories.

If you don't want to create a reader account, no worries! You can browse stories via our homepage, tag pages (especially the HackerNoon Top Stories tag), top navigation curation on every page, or enter specific keywords in our search bar 🔍 in the upper right corner.

The good news: we will never put a paywall on our content, or unnecessarily distract you with popups or sidebar. Our objective has always been to optimize your reading experience, whether or not you have an account.

Write Insightful Takes on Anything Tech-related to an Eager Audience

As a writer on HackerNoon, you can start a draft any time and submit it to our queue so a human editor can review it within four-ish days. Our WYSIWYG editor is designed as a blank canvas for you to freely write text, embed images, insert codes, or format paragraphs to your liking.

Our team of very hard working human editors make sure to publish the most high quality, unique and insightful stories on HackerNoon, while rejecting ones that are not up to our standard. See full guideline here.

If published, you are more than welcome to share them with everyone you know and their mother, since you deservingly have gained that bragging right!

Gain Accreditation as Validation when Publishing as a Brand

Many top tech companies like Heroku, AngelList and Indeed, use HackerNoon to publish and/or republish their blog posts, press releases, and technology updates. With our dedicated readership and strong domain authority, we’re a reliable partner to get the good word out and grow your presence across the interwebs. By publishing on Hacker Noon as a brand, you gain access to:

  • 3 free credits - enough to get you started
  • Accreditation - Instead of submitting as faceless ‘Bob’, ‘Ben’, or a ‘Michael’, own your Brand’s voice on HackerNoon. 
  • Validation - Over 50% submissions to HackerNoon get rejected. If you cross this chasm, you’ve earned the rights to brag about it
  • Exposure - Once we hit the ‘Publish’ button on a story, it gets distributed via email, across multiple tags, social media channels, RSS, text-to-voice podcast, websites, and more

As a bonus, we also prioritize building custom company pages for brand-as-author users. To request a page, please fill out this form.

Advertise on HackerNoon

If you're interested in partnering with HackerNoon to reach millions of monthly readers via various sponsorship programs, check out our sponsorship portal here. HackerNoon Sponsors & Partners gain the abilities to:

  • Tell your brand stories via the Brand-as-author Program and Tech Company Pages
  • Reach a highly relevant Niche of audience via the Ad by Tag Sponsorship
  • Maximize exposure to the worlds’ most dedicated community of hackers and technologists via the Billboard Top Navigation Sponsorship
  • And more!

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