Publishing Philosophy

Publishing Philosophy

As a publisher, our goal is to reflect the technology industry.

We publish tech expertise by real tech professionals. Here are some of our publishing philosophies:

Sources > Journalism

Journalism is not the truth; it is a style of writing that - when done well - informs the reader of how credible sources comprehend recent events. In journalism, sources are about timeliness.

Timeliness matters to everything ever published. But sources can publish their own stories now. The first person expertise is more readily available than ever before. The internet made everyone a publisher. On HackerNoon stories are about tech expertise. We believe by publishing thousands of sources in the first person perspective, our site can more closely reflect the technology industry - and technology’s impact on the world.

Editorial Line by Subject Matter Expertise

We are working towards a work where subject matter expertise drives curation. Ideally a blockchain developer determines the curation of blockchain development stories.

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