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Noonies Nominees

Noonies Nominees


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What are the Noonies?

The tech industry’s greenest awards. These awards - and the voting software powering this site - are presented by Hacker Noon. In 2019 inaugural Noonies, 55k+ votes were cast. And in 2020 Noonies, 232k votes were cast.

What does "Noonies" mean?

Once an hour every hour, it’s Noon somewhere 🙂 Think Dundies - but for technology. We’re trying to reward unappreciated corners of the internet.

Who are Noonies nominees?

Top writers, thinkers, hodlers, leaders, and makers. A lot of them are top Hacker Noon writers (writers of stories that generate the most time reading in many Hacker Noon given tags). In 2020, out of 222 awards, 135 of them are exclusively rewarding Hacker Noon Top Writers.

What do nominees get?

Street cred. You will get a badge on your Hacker Noon profile and stories that say "Vote for me in Noonies 2020". You will also be given a ton of press and publicity via Hacker Noon official channels as well as throughout the interwebs. Some nominees are also invited to the Hacker Noon Podcast and to do AMAs.

How to be nominated?

Write a lot of quality stories on certain niches on Hacker Noon. Either that, or be a dope person doing dope thing on the internet.

Also, if you are a brand/organization, be on the look out for our Noonies-like awards but for startups, coming to a computer screen near in later this year.

Can I nominate myself?


Can I pay to get nominated?

No, but you can submit your nomination for us to review.

How do people vote?

Directly on the websites ( in 2020). Voting for 2020 has closed and will resume in 2021. Votes are weighted. Hacker Noon writers' votes weigh the most, and non logged in writers weigh the least.

What do the winners get?

Street cred, a sense of making a difference in the world. All award winners also get five years of a free dot tech domain (example, Noonies.Tech), courtesy of Radix.

Additionally, if the award has a sponsor, the winner will also receive a custom 1:1 t-shirt designed by Hacker Noon's Kien Dao and a sponsor prize. For example: this Noonie includes $1k cash from Grant for the Web, this Noonie includes a year’s subscription to an intelligent learning platform from Skillsoft, and this Noonie includes $3k cash from Radix. Any and all prizes for individual awards are listed on the individual award page.

View the list of 2020 winners here and 2019 winners here.

How to win?

Be an awesome writer! And also promote it a lot online. Join our podcast and ama! And write a lot on Hacker Noon.

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