Tech Categories, The Tech Topics Pit Stop

There’s one place where all HackerNoon tags hang out, and that's our brand-new Tech Categories Page!

If you're searching for your next thing to read, head over Tech Category Page - your ultimate destination for exploring all HackerNoon topics besides your profile page and our 35,000+ tag pages! Here, we curated the entire HackerNoon Library into 22 Technology Categories, with the 10 top-performing stories from the last week in each category.


Each category page, such as https://hackernoon.com/c/blockchain, displays tags in that category, ranked by page views relative to the previous week, and a link to our related podcast so you can listen on the go. Is there a better place to start?

Don't have time to read all the amazing stories on HackerNoon? No worries; we've got you covered - meet the HackerNoon Tech Brief Podcasts! Now you can listen to your favorite HackerNoon writers on the go. Just search for "HackerNoon Tech Brief" on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts and tune in!

Plus, you can now easily find these 22 parent category pages via the iconic HackerNoon homepage, right underneath the top 5 stories of the day, with totally original icons; or you can visit our search page and get the most popular categories under the popular topics section!


Our Categories

If you’re curious about our 22 categories, just click the links below and start browsing:

  1. Tech Stories 
  2. Science 
  3. HackerNoon 
  4. Gaming 
  5. Programming 
  6. Media 
  7. Cybersecurity 
  8. Cloud 
  9. Finance 
  10. Remote Work 
  11. Management 
  12. Business 
  13. AI 
  14. Startups 
  15. Product Management 
  16. Tech Companies 
  17. Web3 
  18. Writing 
  19. Society 
  20. Life Hacking 
  21. Data Science 
  22. Futurism