All About Our Polls

As you must’ve known by now, here at HackerNoon, we are constantly working on making the site not only just a publishing website but also a community where each and everyone can discuss and make meaningful interactions with each other.

From Slogging to Emojis reactions to the Comments feature; each product, in its own way, has allowed HackerNoon people to freely express their opinions. Not to mention our own custom voting software as you may (or may not) have seen with the Noonies, which harness the power of the community, and we are doing more to contribute towards that goal.

Introducing - HackerNoon polls!

Ever since George Gallup standardized what is widely known as the “modern opinion poll” in 1932, the application of polls has become prominent especially in portraying a population's ideas by asking a series of questions, visualizing the generalities in ratio (within the provided options).

From the most serious to the absolute trivia questions


The new weekly HackerNoon poll will surely add some spice to your browsing experience and (maybe) spark some good discussions within our evergreen community!

How do you vote using the HackerNoon poll?

Easy! Go to and start scrolling! Careful to look riiiight under the ***HackerNoon Top Stories ***section and there it is!


Choose your answer, hit vote, and voila!

You said Weekly? Where can I find the previous Polls?

Simply click on “POLL OF THE WEEK” to access the archives of all polls with vote results; or if you don’t feel like scrolling, just type which will lead you directly to the archive page. Vote for the current poll and ponder upon the previous ones!


Here on the Polls Archive Page, you can:

Download Polls as images

All previous polls are now available for download as images; at the end of each poll’s section, there will be a download button; click it and your image is ready to be distributed online!

See previous Polls as individual pages

Polls now come with their own individual URLs! On the Polls Archive Page, click on the Poll that catches your attention; you will be led to the Poll’s individual page. There you can further scrutinize the poll; as well as get some Polls recommendations from HackerNoon!


💡 Note: This is the first HackerNoon’s live on-site public poll system, please comment below if you have any thoughts and suggestions on how we could make use of this feature. And if you have some ideas for next week’s poll, don’t hesitate to start a discussion in the comment section!

Start voting Hackers!