Kien Dao

Brand Executive
Last Meal of Choice
Korean BBQ ftw 🥩

Kien Dao has worked for Hacker Noon since June 2018 as a Community Manager and Special Projects Intern and was promoted to Brand Executive as of September 2018. He is in charge of designing branding logos, promoting images for various projects and campaigns and communicating with the Hacker Noon community. He’s also a dean's list undergraduate at Luther College with a degree in Visual Communication, an exchange student at the University of Nottingham in England and currently taking a gap year from university. Kien has a website kiendao.com where he shows his love for graphic design, videography, and photography. In addition, he is looking forward to learning more about coding and UI/UX design in the future. Kien is probably the worst non-fan of kids, but Linh’s daughter, his niece, is his weakness.