Is HackerNoon free to read?

Is HackerNoon free to read?


Always and Forever. You don't even have to create a HackerNoon account to read HackerNoon. The internet is society's greatest invention for mass education, and we don't want to be another business that simply walls off knowledge. We're committed to no paywalls, popups, or forced account creation.

If you don't want to create a reader account: you can browse stories via our homepage, tag pages (especially the HackerNoon Top Stories tag), top navigation curation on every page, or enter specific keywords in our search bar 🔍 in the upper left corner. You can even give emoji reactions to your favorite stories or favorite parts of the stories, without an account.

Of course, creating an account comes with some benefits:

  • Subscribe to your favorite topics and get a customized daily Tech Brief
  • Subscribe to your favorite writers: Click on the writer’s profile and select “Subscribe to Writer”
  • Bookmark your favorite stories privately or publicly
  • Comment and react to your favorite stories
  • Write, submit your draft(s), and receive constructive, professional editorial support
  • Install a web monetization tag to receive micropayments via our partnership with Coil
  • And more!

The good news: we will never put a paywall on our content, or unnecessarily distract you with popups or a sidebar. Our objective has always been to optimize your reading experience, whether or not you have an account.


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