How the Contributing Writer Can Better Distribute their Stories

You’ve finished penning down your latest article and submitted it to Hacker Noon for publication. Voila, it got accepted and published as well.

Now you’re checking out your story’s stats but they aren’t growing as fast as you’d hoped. You get that sinking feeling that your piece is not going to go viral. You tell yourself that the other guys who do go viral have a couple of aces up their sleeve that they never reveal in their videos.

So, how about using the power of the hive to get a few extra thousand reads on your article. Below are the techniques that I use.

In order to get more readers, I recommend you to share it with your friends!

  1. Post on Twitter (Tag @hackernoon)
  2. Post on Facebook (Tag @hackernoon)
  3. Post on Linkedin (Tag @hackernoon)


  1. Track down every tweet that mentions my story and I retweet and like it.
  2. Track every share on LinkedIn and Facebook, like it and thank the sharer in the comments.
  3. Mention a related thought-leader in the article body and beg them to share/re-tweet it.
  4. Draw own graphics (via Lucidchart) where possible instead of sharing a stock picture.
  5. Try to get in an image for every 300 words.

Original answer by @hackerhodl here.

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