How Hacker Noon Can Better Distribute a Story

How Hacker Noon Can Better Distribute a Story


As one of the most popular tech publications, we are experts on SEO & distribution, among other things. Here are a few things we do.

Organic Promotion - every story will be guaranteed this minimum threshold:

  • Every single article will get tweeted 3 times from the official Hacker Noon Twitter account (64K followers and growing), tagging your Twitter handle if you use one. Learn more here.
  • An editor will review your story and suggest tags that map as closely as possible to the H1 headline of your articles.
  • A few special Hacker Noon articles will get featured on our homepage, newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, and some other places across the interwebs

Paid Promotion - elevate your stories to the next level with a fee:

  • We can also do promoted posts on our twitter if you want to reach a lot more people.
    • Make sure you give us your handle so we can tag you!
  • Contact for:
    • #Sponsored Articles on the Hacker Noon Homepage
    • #Sponsored Mention/Advertisement on Hacker Noon Newsletters

Also, don’t forget, building an audience and making yourself a leader takes time. Continue sharing those great stories and keep up the good work!

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