How does one become a Hacker Noon Editor?

How does one become a Hacker Noon Editor?


(replace book with story!)

We are hiring for Editors and Junior Editors. Apply here.

Below is a real challenge we gave to our applicants for the editor position a few months ago.

Thanks for accepting the challenge.

This exercise will allow us to gauge your ability to curate, write commentary and pay attention to details. It takes an absolute maximum of 2 hours.

  1. Pick a topic. Options:
    1. Bitcoin
    2. Blockchain
    3. Cryptocurrency
    4. Economics
    5. Facebook
    6. Future
    7. Google
    8. JavaScript
    9. Marketing
    10. Nodejs
    11. Programming
    12. Security
    13. Software Development
    14. Startup
    15. Vim

Note: subjects above link to tagged pages, but you can also search for hacker noon stories on site and “ keyword” on google to find stories.

2. Write an evergreen(-ish) newsletter that includes:

  • Headline. Think direct, catchy, and/or SEO optimized.
  • Subhead. Guide the reader into your perspective.
  • Featured image. Anything on or free photo sites like Unsplash works.
  • 1-4 sentence intro.
  • List of 10+ stories. Please include linked headline, author linked accreditation, time reading of post. For each story, please include 1-2 sentence commentary and/or 1-3 sentence quote from story. You can also mention/link to other sources on the web, but the point is to better curate hacker noon’s existing library.
  • 1-4 sentence conclusion.

3. Please share a google doc with us within 2 hours of when you start the editorial test.

If there are any choices/sacrifices you made within the constraints of this exercise, you are welcome to disclose in the document. No need to imitate, but here are some past hn newsletters.

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