How to Export Your HackerNoon Stories as a PDF or JSON

There’s nothing like having all your favorite articles a click away. No need to search for them or leave your desk.

The HackerNoon team is always thinking of ways to improve our writer experience.

We offer unparalleled story distribution to multiple communities and over 3M monthly readers, along with free editorial story improvements by our team.

You can even have your own call-to-action and check the stats of your published stories in a customized writer dashboard.

HackerNoon also focuses on promoting writing through our regular Writing Contests and our yearly Noonies awards.

This time, we have made it possible for you to export your HackerNoon articles into a PDF or a JSON file!

With a PDF you can easily share your stories with others,  share your portfolio, or simply save a copy of your stories offline.

How to Export Your Stories

Exporting your stories is super simple.

All you need to do is:

  1. Go to your writer dashboard
  2. Click on published stories
  3. Choose your export format
  4. And click “export stories”

Now, you have your articles as a single PDF (or JSON) and can distribute them to all your loyal followers 😉.



There are two different ways to export: PDF and JSON. In a PDF you can write your own notes, and easily search text within your stories.

If you are planning to export a big part of your articles, you might want to choose the JSON file since it comes in a lightweight format and it’s easier to store.

That’s all for this update! Thank you all for being a part of the HackerNoon community, and please stay tuned for future updates.