Give yourself the best chance to be tagged a Top story

How to give your story the best chance to be tagged a "Top Story":

  1. Publish original content - Reposts (articles published somewhere else first) are not eligible to become top stories.
  2. Publish frequently - Our editor queue has a function to filter stories by authors in order of published minutes. That means the more reading time you create on Hacker Noon, the higher chances of your stories being published sooner. We like to reward our most loyal and longtime contributors, and this is just one way we do it.
  3. Proofread, proofread, and proofread again - Any story with grammar and punctuation errors can be subject to instant rejection, and we can't put bad writing on the front page. Download Grammarly, double-check your stories or even ask your friendly peers to proofread for you.
  4. Include custom lead images, funny memes, and GIFs - No need to take yourself so seriously. Have some fun with it and make your stories visually appealing. Hacker Noon isn't a newspaper, we are a community of nerds, internet junkies, gamers, developers...we live and breathe in the digital world. Use all it has to offer to entertain your reader.