Beni Mahat

Fullstack Developer
October 1, 2021
Last Meal of Choice

Steamed Momo and A good Scotch

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[email protected]


Beni Mahat has a background in Website Development and recently joined the Hacker Noon Product Team in 2021. He accidentally discovered his love for coding when he wrote some simple code for an Arduino. "I love coding because it all works like a jig saw puzzle. You might not have all the pieces to start but in the end you find them and when you put the little parts together and take a step back, you really have something you can be proud of."

Since then he's become a code monkey who loves working with React and JavaScript. As a Junior Developer, Beni works hard to help roll out new and fun features that we all love and enjoy. You can visit github.com/benimahat1291 to explore some of his work.

In his free time Beni is home in the mountains hiking up the trails or snowboarding down the slopes. He loves going to breweries and trying all the local flavors the world has to offer.