HackerNoon AMAs are in the site’s community. Ask Me Anything (AMA)s are one of the few social media ways of communicating with amazing people that doesn’t suck.

Slogging AMAs

From now on HackerNoon Ask Me Anything sessions feature even more direct interaction with the AMA guests via our Slogging Slack channel. Anyone can host an AMA by just starting a thread in slogging #ama channel!

Additionally, if you sign up for the AMA, we will add extra leverage to your AMA by promoting it with the slogging users further. Just drop a message to one of our editors on Slogging to sing up.

Guideline for posting questions

There are only 3 steps - sign up for Slogging, head to #ama channel, ask anything you want!

How to do an AMA on Slogging

  1. Sign up for Slogging
  2. Head to the #ama channel and start the AMA thread with all the details you want to share about yourself
  3. Enjoy the questions from the community
  4. When AMA is finished, feel free to create a slogging post and say "Thank you" to everyone for participating !

Past Slogging AMAs

Community’s AMAs (Archive)

Guideline for posting questions

  • Please only ask one question by replying to the topic, using the green Reply button at the bottom. It’s also helpful to scroll to the bottom while 📖 reading the topic to make sure nobody else has asked the same question first, before you ask… right? 👌
  • Please don’t ask more than one question, so everyone can get a chance 😉
  • Please do not reply to anyone else’s post. The only purpose of replies here in this topic is to ask me one question. If you’d like to discuss a related topic in more detail, create a new topic.

Posts not following these guidelines may be removed to keep the Q&A flowing.

Past AMAs

All HackerNoon AMAs can be found in the community AMA category.

Some of our past AMAs:

How to do an AMA with HackerNoon

Nominate Someone (including yourself) or Start Your Own AMA Thread today. You can also contact us here to learn more. HackerNoon writers will get more love <3


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